We’re Launching our Patreon!

Today we are excited to announce that we are launching our Patreon site! This comes just after hitting 100K downloads, and just prior to our 1st Birthday! Visit https://www.patreon.com/artofneteng to get started!

When we launched this podcast on July 24th 2020 with our first two episodes we had no idea we would be celebrating 100K downloads less than a year later. The community reaction has been amazing. The outpouring of appreciation for our podcast and other content has been positively overwhelming.

After being encouraged by much of our fan base to launch the Patreon we finally decided to do it. So, you might be asking, “What does that mean exactly?”

From the very beginning we made a commitment that we would never produce content behind a pay wall. So, even if you don’t subscribe to our Patreon you will still get every bit of content that we produce. So, now you might be asking “Well then what do I get for subscribing?”

There are 3 Levels of AONE Patreon Supporters. The first is Official Patron and that’s a $3/month donation. At that level you’ll receive a shoutout on the Podcast and know that your funds will go to covering the very minimal operating costs of the Podcast and YouTube channel, and we’ll be putting the rest back into the community.

The next level is our All-Access Pass at $5/month. At this tier you’ll get all the benefits of an Official Patron, plus:
– You’ll get access to live stream as we record our episodes. You’ll get to watch in real time as we are creating new episodes.
– You’ll also get to chat with the co-hosts and guests as we record. There may even be time for Live Q&A sessions with our guests.

The last level is the VIP Patron, at $10/month. In addition to the Official Patron and All-Access pass, as a VIP you’ll also get:
– A 15% discount in our merch store as long as you’re a VIP
– Early access to new content. We’ll make new content available to our VIPs ASAP, before we post it publicly.
– Early access to new merch! We are currently working on new designs and you’ll get early access to them!

Whether you decide to become a Patron or not, please know that all of us at The Art of Network Engineering sincerely appreciate your support of our content! The biggest things you can do to help, that don’t cost you anything, is to listen, subscribe, like, comment and don’t forget to SMASH that bell icon to be notified of all of our future content!

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A podcast for network engineers focused on tools, technologies, and talent people.

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