Ep 56 – Documentation

In this episode, we talk about their experience and the importance of documenting the network. We also go over the various tools used to document the network as well as the different types of diagrams. We’ll even discuss how you can get started and learn how to document your network for free – no need for expensive tools to make a basic network diagram.

Diagrams.net (formerly draw.io) – https://app.diagrams.net/
Lucid Chart – https://www.lucidchart.com/pages/
Snag-it – https://www.techsmith.com/screen-capture.html

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One thought on “Ep 56 – Documentation

  1. Are you aware of the open source tool Netdisco? Here is their quick summary. Netdisco is a web-based network management tool suitable for small to very large networks. IP and MAC address data is collected into a PostgreSQL database using SNMP, CLI, or device APIs.

    I’ve been listening to the podcast a couple of months, and though this comment is several weeks late, I wanted to share this excellent tool that we have used for a few years. Does a great job with scanning switches and keeping up with where endpoints and devices are connected. Check it out. Just needs a linux host, or I think there is a docker container version.


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