A new podcast for network engineers…

In this exciting new podcast we aim to focus on tools, technologies, and talented people! In addition to the podcast we’ll be posting videos on our YouTube Channel as well!

Latest from the Blog

Ep 33 – Cord Cutters

In this episode the guys talk about the life of a cord cutter. The advantages and disadvantages of cord cutting over traditional TV, the backend wheelings and dealings that make pay-as-you-go options impossible in traditional distribution models and streaming’s impact on the global network. NEW! Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/artofnetengFollow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/artofneteng​Follow usContinue reading “Ep 33 – Cord Cutters”

Ep 32 – Make it Stick

In this episode, we talk with Peter Brown, co-author of Make it Stick! Peter is one of the team of three authors that wrote Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning. Peter explains the original idea for the book, the team discusses many of the tactics for successful learning outlined within the book, andContinue reading “Ep 32 – Make it Stick”

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