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In this exciting new podcast we aim to focus on tools, technologies, and talented people! In addition to the podcast we’ll be posting videos on our YouTube Channel as well!

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new snort rule, who dis?

The third section of my SANS503 course has a huge section, the second biggest of the entire course, dealing with some 110+ slides on snort. I’m not here to give you the history of snort, IDS/IPS placement within your enterprise or any of that, instead I just want to introduce you to the basic structureContinue reading “new snort rule, who dis?”

Ep 27 – CCENT Emeritus

In this week’s episode, Andy and Aaron are absent, so it’s the Dan and A.J show! Dan and AJ talk about living in rural areas and the various challenges it can pose to the job market. They set the stage by talking about population sizes in their area and compare it to other areas, andContinue reading “Ep 27 – CCENT Emeritus”

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