These are some of the current and previous sponsors of The Art of Network Engineering Podcast. Please visit their sites and check out their products!

 Juniper Apstra intent-based networking software automates and validates the design, deployment, and operation of data center networks, from Day 0 through Day 2+. The only solution of its kind with multivendor support, Apstra empowers organizations to automate and manage their networks across virtually any data center location, vendor, and topology. Try Juniper Apstra for free.

Forward Networks delivers a mathematical model (or “digital twin”) of the network that enables advanced security and reliability across complex on-prem and multi-cloud environments.

Check out Forward Quest, our game that allows people to solve network, cloud, and security challenges using our platform.

Boson products help you prepare for your IT Certifications. Visit Boson.com today!

Considering an Out-of-Band management solution for your network? Then consider OpenGear! Check out Episode 48 – Out-of-Band Management – Sponsored by OpenGear!

A VPN protects your internet traffic from prying eyes! Use promo code TAONE at checkout to save 73% off the two-year plan!

NetAlly asks “What would a Network Engineer want that can make their job easier and faster?” Then, they go and build it!

Itential is the only platform built to support both network and cloud, helping network engineers maintain network compliance, reduce manual operations, and simplify network automation. Test drive our platform for free.

Total Network Visibility means you know everything that’s happening in, on, and around your network.  Automated troubleshooting is the result.  Take a look and tour our online demo today.

Netris software automatically configures and operates your on-prem data center network, allowing users to manage infrastructure using Kubernetes, Terraform, Rest API, or an intuitive GUI.  With Netris, users benefit from rich open-source software, modern hardware including SmartNICs, and their existing DevOps workflows, for an assured and cloud-like experience. Try Netris now!

Augtera is the Network AI company, making today’s networks manageable for the businesses who rely on them.  Using state-of-the-art machine learning, Augtera creates context from mountains of machine data, finds outliers in real time and distills truly actionable events.  NetOps teams use Augtera to eliminate the noise and amplify the signals – so they can focus on the critical path of running the networks that power the 21st century.

US Networking User Association offers a vendor-neutral environment to talk networks. With beer.

Based in Silicon Valley, Celona is a pioneer and leading innovator of enterprise private wireless solutions. The company is credited with developing the industry’s first 5G LAN system, a turnkey 4G/5G system that enables enterprises and mobile network operators to address the growing demands for more deterministic wireless connectivity for critical business applications and vital use cases not met by conventional wireless alternatives. Celona’s products and technology have been selected and deployed by a wide range of customers including Verizon, NTT, SBA Communications, Standard Steel, and Haslam Sports Group.

Mass config push, configuration backup, change detection & notifications. Taking care of your network’s configuration at scale is easy with Unimus.

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