Ep 72 – Cooking up a New Career

In this episode, we chat with Chris Randall. Chris was worked as a professional chef for over 13 years and has recently transitioned into a career as a Cloud Consultant. Chris’ work ethic, drive, and ability to communicate help him stand out and have gotten him noticed, on more than one occasion. We can allContinue reading “Ep 72 – Cooking up a New Career”

Ep 71 – Merlin the Auto-Magician

Please note that we had some latency challenges while recording so please excuse us talking over John at times, as well as John’s delayed responses. NordVPN: Get 73% off the 2 Year Plan + 1 Month Free!https://nordvpn.com/taone In this episode, we talk to John Capobianco! John recently won the DevNet Creator Award for all ofContinue reading “Ep 71 – Merlin the Auto-Magician”

Ep 70 – It’s never too late!

In this, our 70th episode, we interview Chris Denney – a very prominent member of our Discord community! Chris has built an amazing career, and the foundation is his willingness to take on anything! Chris is also a huge team player – both on and off the field. He is huge into soccer but whenContinue reading “Ep 70 – It’s never too late!”

Ep 69 – Girard Kavelines

In this episode, we interview Girard! Girard was inspired at a young age to fix some broken computers in his basement. His first tech job was in Geek Squad. There he got some essential skills troubleshooting tech and working with customers. Girard’s journey from there is really quite amazing, and he has the energy toContinue reading “Ep 69 – Girard Kavelines”

Ep 68 – Cloudy with a Chance of Networking

This week we chat with Eyvonne Sharp! Eyvonne shares how she got her start working at a small ISP in her hometown and how she has progressed throughout her career to land as an Architect working for a large Cloud provider. More from Eyvonne:Twitter: https://twitter.com/SharpNetworkBlog: http://www.esharp.net/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eyvonne-sharp/ Check out our Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/artofnetengFollow us onContinue reading “Ep 68 – Cloudy with a Chance of Networking”

Ep 67 – The Buzz about NetBeez

This week we are joined by NetBeez CEO Stefano Gridelli! Stefano takes us through his career as a Network Engineer and explains how he identified the need for NetBeez and started creating it. He then goes on to discuss how he made the leap from working on NetBeez part-time to making it a full-time job.Continue reading “Ep 67 – The Buzz about NetBeez”

Ep 66 – Cisco Live!!

In this episode, we talk about Cisco Live – aka Nerd Summer Camp! Tim and A.J. share their experiences attending our industry’s largest conference. We highlight reasons to attend, and even how to pitch the idea to your manager. It’s never to early to start that process. Cisco has recently announced its intent to holdContinue reading “Ep 66 – Cisco Live!!”

Ep 65 – Enterprise Network Design

In this episode the team talks about Enterprise Network Design. We cover a lot – everything from the 3 tiered design, routed vs switch access layer, and they even dip into a little bit of wireless! Check out our Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/artofnetengFollow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/artofneteng​Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/artofneteng/​Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/artofnetengJoin theContinue reading “Ep 65 – Enterprise Network Design”

Ep 64 – Non-Networking Skillz

In this episode, we’re talking about the technical, non-networking, skills you need to be successful in your career these days! We’re not talking about soft skills this time either. There’s so much we touch as Network Engineers. We talk about the skills you should have and the technologies you should understand as a Network Engineer.Continue reading “Ep 64 – Non-Networking Skillz”

Ep 63 – NFD26

In this episode, we break down our thoughts on the recent Tech Field Day event, Networking Field 26! Both A.J. and Tim were in attendance for the event and learned a lot from each of the presentations. They break down what they saw and Andy and Dan ask some questions and give their thoughts onContinue reading “Ep 63 – NFD26”

Ep 62 – Ok Shitbirds its Time to Learn about Tracket Pacer!

In this episode we talk to Tracket Pacer, aka Lexie! Lexie has been making waves on social media as she live streams her learning and preparations for the ENSARI Exam. Lexie works as a Network Engineer for a large cloud focused company, but how she got there is one amazing story! You can follow Lexi:Twitter:Continue reading “Ep 62 – Ok Shitbirds its Time to Learn about Tracket Pacer!”

Ep 61 – Home Labs!

In this episode we are talking about home labs! Where do you start? Is there actually merit in having a physical lab? We share our experiences and thoughts on the matter. Our conclusions may surprise you! (But probably not…) Affiliate Links:Nord VPN – 73% off a 2 Year Subscription + 4 Months absolutely Free!!https://nordvpn.com/taone orContinue reading “Ep 61 – Home Labs!”

Ep 60 – Return to the Office!

In this episode, Andy and A.J. talk about what returning to the office looks likes, and is it really a requirement for IT Professionals? What’s your situation? Are you being asked to return to the office full time or a portion of the time, or is it still optional? Hit us up on Twitter soContinue reading “Ep 60 – Return to the Office!”

Ep 59 – From Marketing to Offensive Security!

This week we talk to Lily Clark. Lily has taken an amazing journey from Sales, to Customer Success, to Marketing, and she has recently landed in Offensive Security! Hear how Lily has taken on learning tech and landing her dream job working in Offensive Security. Useful Links:Kali Linux – https://www.kali.org/Parrot Linux – https://www.parrotsec.org/Free INE Training!Continue reading “Ep 59 – From Marketing to Offensive Security!”

Ep 57 – Welcome to Tom’s Corner!

In this episode, we interview Tom Hollingsworth! Tom shares how he went from being a Sr. Network Engineer at a Partner to the face of Tech Field Day! Tom also shares his journey to the CCIE, #29213. Also, if you’re interested in joining TFD as a delicate you’ll want to listen in! Links from theContinue reading “Ep 57 – Welcome to Tom’s Corner!”

Ep 56 – Documentation

In this episode, we talk about their experience and the importance of documenting the network. We also go over the various tools used to document the network as well as the different types of diagrams. We’ll even discuss how you can get started and learn how to document your network for free – no needContinue reading “Ep 56 – Documentation”

Ep 55 – Change Management

This week we discuss every IT Pro’s most hated, yet most helpful, thing – change management. What is it? Why does it exist? Why is such a pain? But, yet, why is it so helpful to us? We get to the bottom of these answers and more! Special shoutout to our Patreon members for makingContinue reading “Ep 55 – Change Management”

Ep 54 – eiddoR

This week we talk to CCIE, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco Press Author, Pilot, and Blogger – Roddie Hasan. Roddie has over 30 years of experience in networking, and today focuses on Cisco Software-Defined Access, among other technologies. We’ll hear how Roddie got into IT and what ultimately influenced him to choose networking. Roddie also sharesContinue reading “Ep 54 – eiddoR”

Ep 53 – Manny

In today’s episode we talk to Emmanuel Pimentel, aka Manny! Manny is a prominent member of our community. He joins us and shares his journey on breaking into Enterprise Networking via retail! He has that perfect balance of positivity, drive, determination, and compassion. When someone has a win or achievement posted within Discord or Twitter,Continue reading “Ep 53 – Manny”

Ep 52 – The Cinna-man

From Collaboration to Cyber Security Engineer – this week we’re talking with Robin Canela! Robin shares his coming-up story, and how the quarantine in 2020 motivated him to make some big life changes. Hear how in this episode! You can find Robin: Twitter: https://twitter.com/RobinCanela LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robincanela/ Blog: https://robincanela.com/ Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/artofneteng​ Follow usContinue reading “Ep 52 – The Cinna-man”

Ep 51 – SD-WAN

In this episode we’re talking about SD-WAN! We discuss the benefits of SD-WAN, over traditional WAN, and share our experiences with various SD-WAN offerings. We don’t deep dive because we were trying to keep the discussion vendor agnostic. Consider this our intro to SD-WAN as there is much, much, more to discuss on the topic,Continue reading “Ep 51 – SD-WAN”

Ep 50 – Ask us anything!

You Tweeted us, DM’d us, emailed us, sent recordings, and some of you even sent us videos! We answered every single question we got in this 2 hour ask us anything special! Thank you for your support – now on to the next 50!! Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/artofnetengFollow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/artofneteng/Join the groupContinue reading “Ep 50 – Ask us anything!”

Ep 49 – Burnout and Rustout

In this episode we are talking about Burnout and Rust out! These will two are likely to hit any professional at some point in their career so we thought we’d take some time to discuss what these look like and how to most effectively deal with them. Special thanks to our Discord members for havingContinue reading “Ep 49 – Burnout and Rustout”

Ep 48 – Out-of-Band Management

This episode is sponsored by OpenGear, providing secure remote management of your critical network infrastructure. In this episode we talk to Dan Baxter, SE Manager, with OpenGear. We discuss Dan’s break into tech from Art Teacher to SE. We then answer the question “What is Out-Of-Band Management?” Then we touch on the OpenGear advantage! IfContinue reading “Ep 48 – Out-of-Band Management”

Ep 47 – Get Awoken When it’s Broken!

This week we’re talking about everything on-call! What is it? What’s being “on-call” actually look like? What it means to various organizations. And most importantly – what you should look for when interviewing with a company when discussing being on call and compensation. Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/artofnetengFollow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/artofneteng​Follow us on InstagramContinue reading “Ep 47 – Get Awoken When it’s Broken!”

Ep 46 – Time Management

In this episode we’re talking about time management. We share tips and tactics we use to make the most of our time. What do you use to help manage your time? We’d love to hear from you! And, we’ve got some really exciting news, but you’ll have to listen to find out! A.J.’s app recommendations:Continue reading “Ep 46 – Time Management”

Ep 45 – Softskillz

In this episode, Dan, A.J., guest host Tim Bertino, and returning episode guest Tim McC talk about soft skills, their importance, how to sharpen them, and more. Join us as we share our experience with our own soft skills and were we see their importance shine the most. Cisco config rollback documentation – https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/ios-xml/ios/config-mgmt/configuration/15-sy/config-mgmt-15-sy-book/cm-config-rollback-confirmed-change.html FollowContinue reading “Ep 45 – Softskillz”

Ep 44 – IT Factor Crossover!

In this episode, two worlds collide! We chat with Frank Padikkala and the IT Factor podcast! We talk with Frank about the similarities between IT and AV professionals and how the two worlds often meet. We encourage Frank’s listeners to join us as we know a lot of the members of our own community haveContinue reading “Ep 44 – IT Factor Crossover!”

Ep 43 – You get 5 Seconds

In this episode, we talk to Teneyia! She shares her upcoming story on how she went from being a fitness trainer to Network Engineer. She shares her viewpoints on motivation vs discipline, and why one matters way more than another. She also gives great advice on handling interviews, and what to do when you areContinue reading “Ep 43 – You get 5 Seconds”

Ep 41 – From Audio to Network Engineer

This week we speak with Beau, an audio engineer making a pivot to network engineering. Covid destroyed the live entertainment industry, so Beau made a decision to pursue a career in IT. Armed with his A+, Net+, home lab and CCNA study materials Beau plans to take and pass his CCNA by the end ofContinue reading “Ep 41 – From Audio to Network Engineer”

Ep 40 – Automacho

This week we talk to Kevin Camacho, otherwise known as Automacho. Kevin came from the NOC and now works on Andy’s team as a Network Engineer with a focus on Automation. Kevin shares his journey and provides some advice to others on working in a NOC. You follow Kevin on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-camacho-39012812a/ Like usContinue reading “Ep 40 – Automacho”

Ep 39 – Andy’s Hard NOC Life

Andy and Aaron discuss Andy’s time working in the NOC, nicknames and how important the mental game is to success. Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/artofnetengFollow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/artofneteng​Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/artofneteng/​Join the group on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/artofneteng/Check out our website https://artofnetworkengineering.com​Contact us artofnetworkengineering@gmail.comMerch Store – https://artofneteng.com/storeJoin the Discord Study group – It’s all AboutContinue reading “Ep 39 – Andy’s Hard NOC Life”

Ep 38 – Bart Castle Part 2

We are back this episode with Part 2 of our conversation with Bart Castle! Bart, Andy, and Aaron talk about the benefits of the cloud to software devs, Bart’s roots in networking, and a whole lot more in this week’s episode! Follow Bart!Twitter: @cloudbartYouTube: youtube.com/c/bartcastle NEW! Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/artofnetengFollow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/artofneteng​FollowContinue reading “Ep 38 – Bart Castle Part 2”

Ep 37 – Bart Castle Part 1

In this week’s episode we talk to musician, artist, and Cloud Guru – Bart Castle! Bart weaves an engaging and brilliant tapestry of music, yurts, wanderlust and cloud stories. Buckle up and get ready to learn some cool stuff on this one! Follow Bart!Twitter: @cloudbartYouTube: youtube.com/c/bartcastle NEW! Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/artofnetengFollow us on TwitterContinue reading “Ep 37 – Bart Castle Part 1”

Ep 36 – Siloed vs Jack of All Trades

In this episode A.J., Andy, and Dan discuss the differences in being a siloed engineer vs a jack of all trades. There are certainly pros and cons to each of these approaches. The team leverages and shares their experience with each of these approaches. NEW! Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/artofnetengFollow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/artofneteng​Follow usContinue reading “Ep 36 – Siloed vs Jack of All Trades”

Ep 35 – FortiJeff

In this episode we talk to Jeff Clark, a Sales Engineer at Fortinet. Jeff discusses how he went from a mortgage broker, to Network Engineer, to SE, as well as what the SE role is all about. You can find more of Jeff online at:http://www.fortijeff.com/ NEW! Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/artofnetengFollow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/artofneteng​FollowContinue reading “Ep 35 – FortiJeff”

Ep 34 – Technical Interviews

In this episode Dan and Andy discuss the technical interview with special guest, Tim McConnaughy. Tim is a Technical Solutions Architect at Cisco who has a lot of experience on both sides of the technical interview table. The guys talk about their personal experiences with technical interviews, how to prepare for one and how toContinue reading “Ep 34 – Technical Interviews”

Ep 33 – Cord Cutters

In this episode the guys talk about the life of a cord cutter. The advantages and disadvantages of cord cutting over traditional TV, the backend wheelings and dealings that make pay-as-you-go options impossible in traditional distribution models and streaming’s impact on the global network. NEW! Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/artofnetengFollow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/artofneteng​Follow usContinue reading “Ep 33 – Cord Cutters”

Ep 32 – Make it Stick

In this episode, we talk with Peter Brown, co-author of Make it Stick! Peter is one of the team of three authors that wrote Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning. Peter explains the original idea for the book, the team discusses many of the tactics for successful learning outlined within the book, andContinue reading “Ep 32 – Make it Stick”

Ep 30 – Mental Health

In this episode, the boys take a moment to talk about mental health. They stress how important it is to take time and make sure to take good care of your mental health. If you’re going through difficult times it’s okay. It’s okay to have feelings and emotions, don’t hold that stuff in. As always,Continue reading “Ep 30 – Mental Health”

Ep 29 – Cable Guys

In this episode, Andy and Aaron discuss their experiences as cable guys and how they contributed to their current IT positions. You’ll hear about the varied skillsets they obtained as cable technicians and how being a cable guy can be a great introduction into the technical arena. Be sure to check out https://teespring.com/stores/artofneteng All profitsContinue reading “Ep 29 – Cable Guys”

Ep 28 – Before we got into IT

In this episode Andy and A.J. discuss the jobs they had prior to getting into tech, and the decisions that ultimately led them to an IT Career path. You’ll hear the paths we almost took, why we ended up not taking them, and how Andy burned a car to the ground. Yeah you read thatContinue reading “Ep 28 – Before we got into IT”

Ep 25 – 2021 Goals

In this episode, the guys discuss goal setting and their goals for 2021. Join them and let us know what you’re committing to in 2021. Hit us up on Twitter @artofneteng or use the hashtag #aone. This episode is available in video format on our YouTube Channel! Check it out: https://youtu.be/trxfYItKYNA Be sure to checkoutContinue reading “Ep 25 – 2021 Goals”

Ep 24 – From the Cab to TAC

In this week’s episode we talk to Mansoor. Mansoor works as Cisco TAC HTTS – (High Touch Technical Support) Technical Consulting Engineer dedicated to Google and AT&T. Mansoor started out working in NYC as a Cab driver and eventually found his way into IT. Todd Lammle CCNA Book – https://amzn.to/38rksmF Mansoor’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/mansoor-alam-90b54545/ BeContinue reading “Ep 24 – From the Cab to TAC”

Ep 22 – The OG

In this episode, we talk to The OG himself, Keith Barker! Keith, very openly, shares his journey into tech, and then into teaching. Keith also shares his experience obtaining not one, but two CCIEs – and this was all in just part one of this exciting two-part series! Follow Keith on:Twitter: https://twitter.com/KeithBarkerCCIEYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Keith6783CBT Nuggets: https://ogit.online/Keith-CBTDiscord:Continue reading “Ep 22 – The OG”

Ep 21 – He Automates a LAN Down Unda

This week we talk with Daniel Teycheney, all the way from Australia! Daniel talks about life as a Network Engineer in Australia, the similarities and differences. Daniel is a Network Automation Engineer for a global company. He shares his journey with us, and offers some advice on getting started with your Network Automation journey! YouContinue reading “Ep 21 – He Automates a LAN Down Unda”

Ep 20 – Top 10 Questions

In this episode the guys answer the top 10 questions about getting started in networking. What study materials should I use? Physical vs. virtual lab? What are some good study habits? And, so much more! This episode runs a little longer than usual, we had a lot to say. Sign up for Cisco’s Packet TracerContinue reading “Ep 20 – Top 10 Questions”

Ep 19 – She’s got jobs!

In this episode we speak to our resident technical recruiter, Brittany! Brittany is a Lead Technology Recruiter at Oscar Technology. She focuses mostly on the network industry and primarily helps to fill network engineering related positions. Brittany talks about her process and makes some fantastic recommendations for people seeking new roles as a network engineer.Continue reading “Ep 19 – She’s got jobs!”

Ep 17 – The A.J. and Aaron Show

In this episode, you guessed, it’s just A.J. and Aaron. A.J. shares the latest journey he’s begun, discussing physical vs digital books, and more. The guys also discuss study habits and styles, and the idea of “total compensation” with your employer. Apologies for the poor audio on A.J’s side – he had the wrong inputContinue reading “Ep 17 – The A.J. and Aaron Show”

Ep 16 – What is a Network Engineer?

This week Zig Zsiga joins the crew as we discuss – What is a Network Engineer? Zig is a Customer Delivery Architect at Cisco. Outside of Cisco he runs his own blog, YouTube Channel, and Podcast. Zig is also developing and running course on being a Network Designer/Architect. Additionally, Zig is a Dual CCIE inContinue reading “Ep 16 – What is a Network Engineer?”

Ep 15 – Knox

This week’s episode is part 2 of our interview with Knox Hutchinson. Check it out! This episode was not sponsored by CBT Nuggets. Knox just happens to be big fan of the podcast and we’re are a big fan of him, so this just made sense! To get more Knox check him out on:YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DataKnoxTwitter:Continue reading “Ep 15 – Knox”

Ep 13 – Deirra Footman, CCIEby30

In this episode Aaron returns, and along with Dan and Andy they chat with Deirra Footman, CCIEby30! Deirra shares her journey on getting into IT and finding her way into Network Engineering. Along the way she shares some great advice, that we haven’t yet heard on the show yet! And, Dan learns a lesson heContinue reading “Ep 13 – Deirra Footman, CCIEby30”

Ep 05 – Halo Memes and Harry Potter Castles

In this episode we interview our first guest, Danny. Danny takes us through his career starting with his time in the Marines as an IT Specialist, getting his CCNP and entering the civilian world working in healthcare, and finally landing at a VAR where he now works as a Design Architect. Join us for Episode 5 to hear more about Danny.

Ep 04 – Personal Brand

In this episode Dan is off doing a site migration and enjoying some spectacular Memphis BBQ. A.J., Aaron, and Andy discuss the importance of your personal brand and what that means, and what it doesn’t mean. We also give some great tips and advice on professional success, including how to stand out in a crowd, and interview even when you’re not job hunting.

Ep 03 – Lame Relay and VTP Heroes

In this episode, Aaron, A.J., Andy, and Dan discuss the changes to the CCNA blueprint compared to previous versions, the perceived value of certifications and what they’ve actually done for us (also perceived), we then discuss what works in and interview and what doesn’t.

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Ep 01 – Meet the Team

In this, the first episode, of The Art of Network Engineering, you’ll meet the team of co-hosts. We each take a moment to introduce ourselves, share our backgrounds, and the steps we took to get where we are today.

A.J. Murray
Twitter: @noblinkyblinky
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Instagram: noblinkyblinky
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajmurrayvt/

Aaron Engineered
Web: https://www.aaronengineered.com/
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Andy Lapteff
Twitter: https://twitter.com/andylapteff
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