Exciting Announcement!!!

We are super excited to announce that we’ve been named a finalist in the 2020 Cisco IT Blog Awards, for the category Best Podcast or Video Series!

So what happens now? We need your help to vote for your favorite video series or podcast! To vote go here: https://www.ciscofeedback.vovici.com/se/705E3ECD2A8D7180 and vote for your favorites! If you love what we’re doing we would really appreciate your vote!

Winners will be announced in early 2021!

We are so honored for this nomination! In our inaugural year to recieve this kind of recognition is truly amazing! We’ve only been doing this for 6 months! In that 6 months we’ve interviewed some truly amazing people in our industry, we’ve achieved more 26,000 downloads of our podcast, and obtained a listenership of 1000+ clearly devoted subscribers of our podcast. Thank you so much for following, listening, and showing your love for us on social media. All the comments and emails keep us motivated to create new episodes and keep the content coming!

In other categories you’ll find some people you recognize. For the category of Best Cert Journey you’ll find our very own creator/co-host A.J. Murray’s blog, NoBlinkyBlinky! Along side him in that category is recent AONE guest, YouTuber, and CBT Nuggets Trainer – Knox Hutchinson!

In the category of Most Inspirational you’ll find AONE guest author, blogger, Faces of the Journey member David Alicea!

Also featured in the category of Best New Comer – IAATJ Discord staffer, DevNet celebrity, and everybody’s favorite Butcher turned Network Engineer – Chris Dedman-Rollet!

So, as you can see the competition is fierce, and there’s a lot of faces we recognize on this ballot. Please do your part and vote for your favorites today!

Published by The Art of Network Engineering

A podcast for network engineers focused on tools, technologies, and talent people.

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