AONE Launches New Cloud-Focused Podcast

Today, The Art of Network Engineer team is proud to announce that we are adding a second podcast – creating the AONE Network of Podcasts. The new podcast, called Cables2Clouds, features a trio of Network Engineers turned Cloud Architects. They are passionate about Network Engineering, Cloud, and helping other Network Engineers on their Cloud journey.

Your cohosts are Chris Miles, Tim McConnaughy, and Alex Perkins.

Chris Miles
Tim McConnaughy
Alex Perkins

The podcast will focus on an array of Cloud topics and already has a very stunning guest lineup. As of this writing, six episodes have already been recorded, edited, and scheduled for release, and the team is working hard on future episodes already.

Episode 1 is available now in your favorite podcatcher! Cables2Clouds will release bi-weekly opposite of the flagship podcast, so you can expect weekly content from the AONE Network.

Cables2Clouds Episodes will also be available on YouTube, released from their very own YouTube Channel.

For additional information you can:
Check out their website:
Follow them on Twitter:
Subscribe to their YouTube Channel:

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