NFD30 – Gaining Intelligent Observability w/ Selector AI

Troubleshooting networks can be a very difficult, manual process. Businesses run disaggregated systems and operators often need to jump from one to another when trying to find and fix problems. A large amount of valuable time can be spent investigating different systems and infrastructure while trying to gather data, to then go through a manualContinue reading “NFD30 – Gaining Intelligent Observability w/ Selector AI”

NFD30 – Juniper Campus Fabric and Segmentation

Major goals for enterprise campus networks are flexibility, reliability, and security. With legacy networks, it sometimes seems to be difficult to get all three in one solution. For example, to build flexible networks, we would end up spanning VLANs across many switches and potentially compromising reliability. One solution to this is to adopt the underlay/overlayContinue reading “NFD30 – Juniper Campus Fabric and Segmentation”