CCNA Series – Overview

Here at AONE, we believe in continuous learning and development. We also want to do what we can help those trying to break into the network engineering field. While by no means the only factor, certifications can help you gain applicable knowledge for a specific career path. They can also be used to prove to employers that you have the ability and desire to learn and grow. For those trying to get into a network infrastructure profession or are early on in their careers, the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) program can be a great way to go. It is by means the only path, as their are other certification providers, but it is the one that we are going to highlight in this series.

This upcoming series is meant for those that are interested in, or are working toward achieving the CCNA certification. The approach for this series is that we will take a look a multiple topics in the CCNA “blueprint” and try to provide potentially supplemental knowledge and perspective to be used along with your other study materials. Before we dive into content in the next post, here are some example materials that you can look into if you are preparing for the CCNA certification. This is not an exhaustive list, just a few options that you can look into as you are trying to get started.

  • CCNA 200-301 Official Cert Guide
    • Commonly referred to as the CCNA “OCG”, this book covers CCNA exam topics and provides suggestions for study methods.
    • The book can be purchased in physical form, digital form, or both. There is also an option to get access to bonus material.
  • CBT Nuggets
    • CBT Nuggets provides on-demand video and lab training for many topics and certifications, including the CCNA.
    • Currently, there is an opportunity for some free training via this offer. This offer was released via the Packet Pushers Heavy Networking podcast.
  • Boson
    • Boson offers practice tests and a lab simulator (among other materials) to help you prepare for the CCNA (and other certifications).
  • Make It Stick
    • This book does not specifically pertain to IT, but can give you some tips to help you learn and retain knowledge.
  • It’s All About The Journey Community
    • As always, you can check out the IAATJ Discord Community to communicate with others that are also going after the CCNA certification, and those who are willing to help you.

We look forward to you joining us throughout this series!

Published by Tim Bertino

Systems Architect passionate about solutions and design.

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