How ‘telnet’ and similar tools help you troubleshoot

In Episode 110 of the Podcast there was a brief discussion of “telnet” as a troubleshooting tool (starts around 22:00). The question arose about why telnet is a troubleshooting tool, what it can (and can’t) do – and I thought I would use this opportunity to detail why this works, how far up the OSIContinue reading “How ‘telnet’ and similar tools help you troubleshoot”

“FREE” IT/Cyber Training for Air Force People

When it comes to money, I don’t like to spend it. Furthermore, one of the key tenets to writing is ‘write what you know’ or so says a few people anyways. So here we are. There is a lot of training out there so in the following I hope to provide stuff that’s not onlyContinue reading ““FREE” IT/Cyber Training for Air Force People”

If I Could Start Over in Tech

I’ve written maybe 20 posts or so on this here website. Almost all of them have been explainers or reviews. The following will be something different, something personal. It will probably be a bit short, but I’ll work on that, a journal entry so to speak. Incoming. The timeline has been a bit cluttered withContinue reading “If I Could Start Over in Tech”

Basic NBA Data Parsing with Python

About eight weeks ago I saw John Capobianco and Tim Bert were holding an online meeting about trying to pull down some NCAA football data using an API. I, myself, finally finished up the last certification exam I’ve had on my plate shortly thereafter. Since then, I’ve taken to doing a little bit of DataCampContinue reading “Basic NBA Data Parsing with Python”

Sharkfest22 Kansas City Review

I was scrolling through and saw a post about a new podcast, ‘Sharkbytes‘ hosted by Roland Knall. The first episode is an interview with Betty DuBois and Sasha Mullins-Lassiter. In the interview, Sasha goes over her experience getting into cyber security and attending Sharkfest. This got me reminiscing, Sharkfest was my first ever ‘in-person’Continue reading “Sharkfest22 Kansas City Review”

GNFA, GCFA, eCDFP, CySA+ & Pentest+

It’s been so long since I’ve sat down to write a blog post. I’ve conferred with Aninda Chatterjee on my lack of motivation to write, where did it go and if it would ever come back again numerous times with months in between. To be completely honest, the drive to do tutorial type stuff justContinue reading “GNFA, GCFA, eCDFP, CySA+ & Pentest+”

So, You Want To Start a Study Group!

Studying for certifications is hard, and a lot of people are studying for certifications. It would be great to be able to leverage the thinking of other people: their viewpoints, opinions, ways of solving problems you might not have thought about. You’d like to join a study group for the cert you are working on,Continue reading “So, You Want To Start a Study Group!”

Toys For Tots

***This article was written by Patrick Kinane. We thank Patrick for this contribution!*** I recently used my Cisco Time2Give to help families in my local community via Toys For Tots. While I was there volunteering for 7 days, I was fortunate enough to do a little of everything from receiving toys at the warehouse to sorting the toysContinue reading “Toys For Tots”

CCNP Security – A Review

In my quest to pursue my next certification I sat down and thought about what cert I should dedicate time studying for. There were many things I was interested in which is my first reason to pursue a cert. I was knee deep in Security products at work and even now that doesn’t seem toContinue reading “CCNP Security – A Review”

Learning Linux and my First Ansible Playbook

So Linux has never been my daily driver until a few months ago. Now it’s my daily driver for work and home and with that I’m learning a lot and since you can use a lot of the applications in conjunction with each other with piping and what not. So in essence, learning one newContinue reading “Learning Linux and my First Ansible Playbook”

GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst (GCIA) // SANS503 Review

If you’ve been following my feed a bit, you know I’ve been going pretty strong for the last four months into SANS503. More than half the blog posts I’ve had published on this site were dedicated to a tool introduced or covered in this course. Well, I cleared the exam and it’s probably in noContinue reading “GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst (GCIA) // SANS503 Review”

TSHOOT – Linux Networking Style

When I got restarted in networking circa 2018-19 everyone on my timeline would always profess how much they loved Cisco’s TSHOOT exam. People had tickets to do and felt like they were showing off what they knew, their experience, rather than answering trivia questions. “I always recert my CCNP with the TSHOOT exam…” or soContinue reading “TSHOOT – Linux Networking Style”

My Top 5 Network Engineering Books

With so many networking books out there, someone coming into networking could find themselves asking: are any of them any good??! This blog post, in opposition of the title, are not the 5 best. Who am I to say they are the best?! I’ve been studying pretty good for the last two years now. JustContinue reading “My Top 5 Network Engineering Books”

CCNA Series – Overview

Here at AONE, we believe in continuous learning and development. We also want to do what we can help those trying to break into the network engineering field. While by no means the only factor, certifications can help you gain applicable knowledge for a specific career path. They can also be used to prove toContinue reading “CCNA Series – Overview”

Faces of the Journey – Chris Randall

“Faces of the Journey” is a series that highlights individuals in the network engineering community. The journey is the path we take through our careers, and it can be very different for each of us. While the destination is important, it’s all about the journey! Meet Chris! Chris Randall, also known as @Bites_to_Bits, is anContinue reading “Faces of the Journey – Chris Randall”

Gitlab + Hugo = Website Magic Happy Time

I should let you know right off the top, this is not a ‘how-to’ from an expert. Instead, this is a how I was able to do something cool for the first time, article. The reason for this post is that I had to use multiple different how-to sites and was still left to troubleshootContinue reading “Gitlab + Hugo = Website Magic Happy Time”

Network Troubleshooting Tip – Model Driven

No matter what the specific role, as an IT professional, you are going to be tasked to solve problems. Whether you are in a direct support role, part of an escalation team, or on the architecture/engineering team, you are potentially seen as someone who “fixes all the things”. Sometimes though, I think it can beContinue reading “Network Troubleshooting Tip – Model Driven”

OSPF Route Optimization – Route Summarization (Post 4)

You’ve made it to the 4th and final post in the OSPF Route Optimization series, I’m proud of you! I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d make it this far, myself. Anyway, in this post we will build upon the work we accomplished in post 3, in which we converted our flat, single area OSPF topologyContinue reading “OSPF Route Optimization – Route Summarization (Post 4)”

Starting the GIAC Certification Process

So I’ve made it through just about all of the SANS SEC503 material. That’s no small accomplishment in it of itself and I already feel like I’ve leveled up a bit. I now know some of the secrets about the TCP handshake, checksums and window size 🙂 If you’ve followed me through my first threeContinue reading “Starting the GIAC Certification Process”

OSPF Route Optimization – Multi-Area OSPF (Post 3)

In this post of the OSPF Route Optimization series, we take a look at multi-area OSPF. As stated before, while single-area OSPF provides us with global IP reachability, it tends to not scale well from an efficiency standpoint as the network grows. In our sample topology, we will treat the “inside” zone of each siteContinue reading “OSPF Route Optimization – Multi-Area OSPF (Post 3)”

OSPF Route Optimization – Single Area OSPF (Post 2)

In this second post of the OSPF Route Optimization series, we take a look at our sample topology network configured with a single OSPF area. We will see that while we have global IP reachability throughout the network, the routing tables are not very efficient, and this design may not scale well. Here is anotherContinue reading “OSPF Route Optimization – Single Area OSPF (Post 2)”

OSPF Route Optimization – Background (Post 1)

When it comes to global reachability within an organization, dynamic routing is a beautiful thing. There are multiple internal gateway protocols (IGPs) out there, but in this series of posts, we are going to focus on OSPF. Taking this focus a step further, we will go through IP/subnet design and routing table optimization. As withContinue reading “OSPF Route Optimization – Background (Post 1)”


Bitcoin continues to be pioneering as the currency continues to hit all-time high every new season, particularly in 2020.. As at the time this article was written. It currently trades at $26,765. But one of Crypto’s interesting applications is not that individuals trade it to become richer. It’s about solving big challenges that make moneyContinue reading “PIONEERING BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY BY BECOMING A NETWORK ENGINEER”

Network Adjustments – Reflecting back on 2020

We are about to wrap up a year where the word “unprecedented” has been heard and read by each one of us dozens of times. You’ll hear it once more from me. Many of the plans we made last year were derailed. Families and jobs have been affected. The world has been in turmoil. EvenContinue reading “Network Adjustments – Reflecting back on 2020”

10 Pieces of Advice for Network Engineers

This article first appeared on Tim’s blog, Recently I saw a post where different network engineers I really respect gave advice for new network engineers and it got me thinking. What would my own rules be, if I were trying to hand down some wisdom (as if I were wise) to someone starting inContinue reading “10 Pieces of Advice for Network Engineers”

2020 Geek to Geek Pick Me Up Exchange

This article first appeared on Ben’s blog – I don’t know about you, but this year has really kept me kind of down. I really missed seeing friends at tech conferences this year and I’m starting to go a bit stir crazy limiting my travels to about 10 miles from home. That’s why IContinue reading “2020 Geek to Geek Pick Me Up Exchange”

Study Tips for the Time Challenged

This article first appeared on David’s blog, If you are reading this, you are probably trying to study and a very important question has come up: “How do I even make time?”. I look across social media and that is one question that seems to be a concern for many of us. Whether youContinue reading “Study Tips for the Time Challenged”

Simple Cisco Text File Changes

As we are busy diving into the world of programming and automation, I’d like to remind everyone of a way to make simple config changes to a Cisco switch or router using a text file. This might not be a breakthrough, but it helps when making changes to switches or routers when those changes can possibly disconnect you from the device. Imagine working on a re-IP of a switch or even a point to point link. You have your notepad ready to go. There is a new IP and default route and all you have to do is copy/paste. You paste in the IP and lose connection. Your default route change never actually pasted because you lost connection right after the IP change. You can no longer connect to the device; panic ensues. What might be a better way to make this change and avoid the “Uh oh!” moment?

TAC Connect Bot – Devvie Has a Sibling!

This article is written by Ben Story and originally appeared on his blog Recently I opened a TAC case through my Cisco Partner. In the initial automated response from Cisco TAC, I noticed something new. There was a link ( that I had not seen before. Since it mentioned a bot, I figured whyContinue reading “TAC Connect Bot – Devvie Has a Sibling!”

5 Tips for New Engineers

Contributing author, David A., shares his 5 Tips for New Engineers!

Next year will be my tenth in a network engineering role. I’ve seen team members come and go, leadership change and roles changes as well. Nothing is ever static, especially the technology. For those looking to enter a network engineering role or are simply young in their IT career, I wanted to jot down a couple of tips that I hope can help them be successful in their roles. I originally was going to make this network-centric, but honestly it applies to any type of role you might be in.

An Introduction to DMVPN

This article was written by Danny Finein and first appeared on his blog “Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) is a Cisco IOS Software solution for building scalable IPsec Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Cisco DMVPN uses a centralized architecture to provide easier implementation and management for deployments that require granular access controls for diverse user communities,Continue reading “An Introduction to DMVPN”

The Art of Preparing for a Cisco Exam

So, you’re either thinking about or being “encouraged” to get certified in one of the many exciting and new Cisco certification offerings?
Either way, that’s fantastic news!
Ok, first things first; Cisco, (like many other certification granting entities), have long since developed proven formats for designing certification exams as well as the supporting documentation that accompany them to aid candidates in their quest in getting certified.  For every certification exam, there is a certification “blueprint”, a syllabus of sorts.

Cisco Certified DevNet Associate, what to expect?

Enter the world of Automation and Programmability, with AONE Blog contributing author Esteban, as network engineers it’s often scary to learn that things are changing at a fast pace if you don’t know where to start Cisco new certification DevNet Associate is the right fit for this purpose, this is a short but powerful read on what to expect, how to prepare and what resources do you need to be successful.