Basic NBA Data Parsing with Python

About eight weeks ago I saw John Capobianco and Tim Bert were holding an online meeting about trying to pull down some NCAA football data using an API. I, myself, finally finished up the last certification exam I’ve had on my plate shortly thereafter. Since then, I’ve taken to doing a little bit of DataCampContinue reading “Basic NBA Data Parsing with Python”

How to do a Basic Linux Server Installation using Ubuntu

In this article, we will show you how to do a basic Linux Server OS install using Ubuntu Server. Linux is an extremely popular operating system in our field. Many system builders will build their platform on Linux. As a result, having the skills and experience with any version of Linux can help you navigateContinue reading “How to do a Basic Linux Server Installation using Ubuntu”

So, You Want To Start a Study Group!

Studying for certifications is hard, and a lot of people are studying for certifications. It would be great to be able to leverage the thinking of other people: their viewpoints, opinions, ways of solving problems you might not have thought about. You’d like to join a study group for the cert you are working on,Continue reading “So, You Want To Start a Study Group!”

Learning Linux and my First Ansible Playbook

So Linux has never been my daily driver until a few months ago. Now it’s my daily driver for work and home and with that I’m learning a lot and since you can use a lot of the applications in conjunction with each other with piping and what not. So in essence, learning one newContinue reading “Learning Linux and my First Ansible Playbook”

TSHOOT – Linux Networking Style

When I got restarted in networking circa 2018-19 everyone on my timeline would always profess how much they loved Cisco’s TSHOOT exam. People had tickets to do and felt like they were showing off what they knew, their experience, rather than answering trivia questions. “I always recert my CCNP with the TSHOOT exam…” or soContinue reading “TSHOOT – Linux Networking Style”

Gitlab + Hugo = Website Magic Happy Time

I should let you know right off the top, this is not a ‘how-to’ from an expert. Instead, this is a how I was able to do something cool for the first time, article. The reason for this post is that I had to use multiple different how-to sites and was still left to troubleshootContinue reading “Gitlab + Hugo = Website Magic Happy Time”

OSPF Route Optimization – Route Summarization (Post 4)

You’ve made it to the 4th and final post in the OSPF Route Optimization series, I’m proud of you! I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d make it this far, myself. Anyway, in this post we will build upon the work we accomplished in post 3, in which we converted our flat, single area OSPF topologyContinue reading “OSPF Route Optimization – Route Summarization (Post 4)”

OSPF Route Optimization – Multi-Area OSPF (Post 3)

In this post of the OSPF Route Optimization series, we take a look at multi-area OSPF. As stated before, while single-area OSPF provides us with global IP reachability, it tends to not scale well from an efficiency standpoint as the network grows. In our sample topology, we will treat the “inside” zone of each siteContinue reading “OSPF Route Optimization – Multi-Area OSPF (Post 3)”