OSPF Route Optimization – Multi-Area OSPF (Post 3)

In this post of the OSPF Route Optimization series, we take a look at multi-area OSPF. As stated before, while single-area OSPF provides us with global IP reachability, it tends to not scale well from an efficiency standpoint as the network grows. In our sample topology, we will treat the “inside” zone of each siteContinue reading “OSPF Route Optimization – Multi-Area OSPF (Post 3)”

OSPF Route Optimization – Background (Post 1)

When it comes to global reachability within an organization, dynamic routing is a beautiful thing. There are multiple internal gateway protocols (IGPs) out there, but in this series of posts, we are going to focus on OSPF. Taking this focus a step further, we will go through IP/subnet design and routing table optimization. As withContinue reading “OSPF Route Optimization – Background (Post 1)”