“FREE” IT/Cyber Training for Air Force People

When it comes to money, I don’t like to spend it. Furthermore, one of the key tenets to writing is ‘write what you know’ or so says a few people anyways. So here we are. There is a lot of training out there so in the following I hope to provide stuff that’s not onlyContinue reading ““FREE” IT/Cyber Training for Air Force People”

If I Could Start Over in Tech

I’ve written maybe 20 posts or so on this here website. Almost all of them have been explainers or reviews. The following will be something different, something personal. It will probably be a bit short, but I’ll work on that, a journal entry so to speak. Incoming. The timeline has been a bit cluttered withContinue reading “If I Could Start Over in Tech”

Basic NBA Data Parsing with Python

About eight weeks ago I saw John Capobianco and Tim Bert were holding an online meeting about trying to pull down some NCAA football data using an API. I, myself, finally finished up the last certification exam I’ve had on my plate shortly thereafter. Since then, I’ve taken to doing a little bit of DataCampContinue reading “Basic NBA Data Parsing with Python”

Sharkfest22 Kansas City Review

I was scrolling through twitter.com and saw a post about a new podcast, ‘Sharkbytes‘ hosted by Roland Knall. The first episode is an interview with Betty DuBois and Sasha Mullins-Lassiter. In the interview, Sasha goes over her experience getting into cyber security and attending Sharkfest. This got me reminiscing, Sharkfest was my first ever ‘in-person’Continue reading “Sharkfest22 Kansas City Review”

GNFA, GCFA, eCDFP, CySA+ & Pentest+

It’s been so long since I’ve sat down to write a blog post. I’ve conferred with Aninda Chatterjee on my lack of motivation to write, where did it go and if it would ever come back again numerous times with months in between. To be completely honest, the drive to do tutorial type stuff justContinue reading “GNFA, GCFA, eCDFP, CySA+ & Pentest+”

Hacking Passwords, a GIAC Network Forensics Exam and an Interview

It’s been a few months since I last checked in blog wise. It’s been a long stretch for me personally, maybe it’s been the first time I’ve been feeling Covid fatigue, work burnout or maybe interviewing for a job just introduces a lot of anxiety into my bloodstream. In any case, blogging here was theContinue reading “Hacking Passwords, a GIAC Network Forensics Exam and an Interview”

Cumulus in the Cloud Just Got Real

So I was just checking the Cumulus Docs as you do to see if they finished this feature I was really excited about and guess what, it looks to be up! The big thing I’d been waiting for was the ability to build your own topology on their ‘Cumulus in the Cloud‘ platform. This willContinue reading “Cumulus in the Cloud Just Got Real”

Learning Linux and my First Ansible Playbook

So Linux has never been my daily driver until a few months ago. Now it’s my daily driver for work and home and with that I’m learning a lot and since you can use a lot of the applications in conjunction with each other with piping and what not. So in essence, learning one newContinue reading “Learning Linux and my First Ansible Playbook”

GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst (GCIA) // SANS503 Review

If you’ve been following my feed a bit, you know I’ve been going pretty strong for the last four months into SANS503. More than half the blog posts I’ve had published on this site were dedicated to a tool introduced or covered in this course. Well, I cleared the exam and it’s probably in noContinue reading “GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst (GCIA) // SANS503 Review”

TSHOOT – Linux Networking Style

When I got restarted in networking circa 2018-19 everyone on my timeline would always profess how much they loved Cisco’s TSHOOT exam. People had tickets to do and felt like they were showing off what they knew, their experience, rather than answering trivia questions. “I always recert my CCNP with the TSHOOT exam…” or soContinue reading “TSHOOT – Linux Networking Style”

My Top 5 Network Engineering Books

With so many networking books out there, someone coming into networking could find themselves asking: are any of them any good??! This blog post, in opposition of the title, are not the 5 best. Who am I to say they are the best?! I’ve been studying pretty good for the last two years now. JustContinue reading “My Top 5 Network Engineering Books”

Gitlab + Hugo = Website Magic Happy Time

I should let you know right off the top, this is not a ‘how-to’ from an expert. Instead, this is a how I was able to do something cool for the first time, article. The reason for this post is that I had to use multiple different how-to sites and was still left to troubleshootContinue reading “Gitlab + Hugo = Website Magic Happy Time”

Starting the GIAC Certification Process

So I’ve made it through just about all of the SANS SEC503 material. That’s no small accomplishment in it of itself and I already feel like I’ve leveled up a bit. I now know some of the secrets about the TCP handshake, checksums and window size 🙂 If you’ve followed me through my first threeContinue reading “Starting the GIAC Certification Process”