Cooking up Coding Fun, from ‘Scratch’

Have you ever wondered of a fairly low effort, fun way to get your kids, friends, or family members into the basics of programming? Or maybe even yourself for that matter? On the surface, this can seem like a daunting task. I mean, when I think coding, I immediately default to command line and startContinue reading “Cooking up Coding Fun, from ‘Scratch’”

Hacking Passwords, a GIAC Network Forensics Exam and an Interview

It’s been a few months since I last checked in blog wise. It’s been a long stretch for me personally, maybe it’s been the first time I’ve been feeling Covid fatigue, work burnout or maybe interviewing for a job just introduces a lot of anxiety into my bloodstream. In any case, blogging here was theContinue reading “Hacking Passwords, a GIAC Network Forensics Exam and an Interview”

Cumulus in the Cloud Just Got Real

So I was just checking the Cumulus Docs as you do to see if they finished this feature I was really excited about and guess what, it looks to be up! The big thing I’d been waiting for was the ability to build your own topology on their ‘Cumulus in the Cloud‘ platform. This willContinue reading “Cumulus in the Cloud Just Got Real”

We’re Launching our Patreon!

Today we are excited to announce that we are launching our Patreon site! This comes just after hitting 100K downloads, and just prior to our 1st Birthday! Visit to get started! When we launched this podcast on July 24th 2020 with our first two episodes we had no idea we would be celebrating 100KContinue reading “We’re Launching our Patreon!”

Faces of the Journey – Carl Zellers

“Faces of the Journey” is a series that highlights individuals in the network engineering community. The journey is the path we take through our careers, and it can be very different for each of us. While the destination is important, it’s all about the journey! Carl F. Zellers IV (NO_DTP) was featured on Episode 18Continue reading “Faces of the Journey – Carl Zellers”

The Art of Automation – Getting Started

I imagine if you’re here you just got done with a hellacious week of updating 100’s of switches, 1000’s of config directives, or your fingers are bleeding from hammering away all week. However, you may just very well be more proactive than I was. Automation for me was born out of necessity. Without automation, IContinue reading “The Art of Automation – Getting Started”

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Flags! ACI External EPG Subnet Flags…Just for Fun!

In ACI, the L3Out is a veritable Howl’s Moving Castle[i] of configuration whose ultimate goal is to deliver external connectivity to the endpoints in the ACI fabric. All told, I think there are something in excess of twenty steps to go from zero to full connectivity between an outside subnet and internal EPG members. That includes configuring all of the pre-requisites needed to support a L3Out, all of the steps that enable internal EPGs to be able to share their own subnets, and all the contract config between EPGs. Representing the whole thing is the external EPG, which might possibly be the single most complicated object in the whole curious and delicate complex.

Upgrading IOS-XE on Catalyst 9000 series Switch Stack

This article was originally written by A.J. Murray and first appeared on his blog I recently had to put together a Catalyst 9300 stack of switches and upgrade the switch stack, so I thought I’d document the process and share it. The process is very similar to stacking other switches, if you’re familiar withContinue reading “Upgrading IOS-XE on Catalyst 9000 series Switch Stack”

The Importance of TAC along with some SSO Info

This article is by Andy West and first appeared on his blog, For those that have worked with me this formatting approach is either going to make you smile or make you cringe with memories of overly complex email updates. OPENING Someone once asked me why I seem to enjoy dealing with TAC, TechContinue reading “The Importance of TAC along with some SSO Info”

Welcome to the Art of Network Engineering Podcast!

We’re excited to bring you new and exciting content! We’ll talk about what’s hot in the industry, focus on technologies, train you and help prepare you for your next cert exam, job interview, or just to level up in your career as a network engineer. Stay tuned here and make sure you follow us onContinue reading “Welcome to the Art of Network Engineering Podcast!”