How to do a Basic Linux Server Installation using Ubuntu

In this article, we will show you how to do a basic Linux Server OS install using Ubuntu Server. Linux is an extremely popular operating system in our field. Many system builders will build their platform on Linux. As a result, having the skills and experience with any version of Linux can help you navigateContinue reading “How to do a Basic Linux Server Installation using Ubuntu”

CCNA Series – Automation and Programmability

In this article, we are going to discuss several parts of Section 6 – Automation and Programmability of Cisco CCNA Syllabus. Programmability and Automation are two huge and very hot topics in the world of Networking. Having Programmability and Automation skills is practically a requirement – so many organizations are adopting it. This article hopesContinue reading “CCNA Series – Automation and Programmability”

Upgrading IOS-XE on Catalyst 9000 series Switch Stack

This article was originally written by A.J. Murray and first appeared on his blog I recently had to put together a Catalyst 9300 stack of switches and upgrade the switch stack, so I thought I’d document the process and share it. The process is very similar to stacking other switches, if you’re familiar withContinue reading “Upgrading IOS-XE on Catalyst 9000 series Switch Stack”